• [C]hronicled. | DENIZ TARAKCIOGLU

     … Some sort of addiction.

    Curator & Writer | Hakan Burcuoğlu · Venue | Chambar · Gear | Leica

    He sits across from me, clad in vintage plaid—disheveled hair, a little twitchy, pushing up the frame of his signature leopard-print Ray-Bans. A hint of nervous nostalgia, and rightly so. This place, Vancouver’s coveted Belgian restaurant Chambar, was where he cut his teeth, and made his bones, after all.

    The pathos is palpable. A life spent cooking on the line—a curious compulsion, a cloistered, cathartic existence. People seldom realize the culprit—the source of addiction—is in fact the life itself. Reality becomes fiction, and nothing but the kitchen starts to suffice—that’s the sacrifice. And who better to indulge us than the best fucking breakfast cook west of Ontario.

    I typecast [and perhaps exaggerate] for effect, but Deniz is so much more—a polyglot of culinary lingua franca. A firebrand—a mad scientist—who holds an astonishing pedigree of pastiche, a perennial passion for food and feeding people, and a profound reverence for the industry and everyone in it. I’m partial, of course—in fact, full on nepotist. He’s a friend, a partner, and a prolific contributor to this platform. But one thing he’s never been, is safe.

    And here, we’re sort of allergic to safe. Start getting used to delving deep into the lives of fiercely talented, non-conformist brains with a “fuck you very much” kind of an attitude. It’s revelatory, bonafide Curatorialist, and it’s fucking [C]hronicled.

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  • RECIPES: Eggs & Dumplings

    Recipe | Chef Deniz Tarakçıoğlu · Curator | Hakan Burcuoğlu · Venue | Commissary Connect · Gear | Leica

    The apotheosis of egg-matrimony—Çilbir—is a ubiquitous staple of Turkish provenance that has taken the world by heart, tongue and soul. Poached eggs laid to rest on a bed of velvety yoghurt [spiked with garlic], topped with generous drizzles of pepper-paste laced beurre noisette—its signature coup de grâce. It’s rich, unctuous, refined, and yet so simple. No wonder it’s even got Nigella tickled pink. It’s undeniable—Turkey’s gift to the breakfast [and brunch] gods is now more than mainstream. And in bigger news, it’s the headliner of our upcoming pop-up, HardBoiled.

    Chef Deniz’ rendition [as always] mercilessly strips this classic from its humble beginnings, resulting in a playful loss of its innocence. Incorporating yet another Turkish favourite—Manti—hand-folded purses [dead ringers for fagottini] that eloquently veil lashing hot merguez—the result is blasphemous harmony that more than gilds the lily.

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