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That’s a wrap on Levantine Lullaby—two nocturnes of salacious serenade that conjured up a heartwarming—and unapologetically vegetarian—feast inspired by the utterly indulgent, cross-pollinated flavours of the Eastern Mediterranean. From Haitham’s Fatteh & Fesenjan—a sultry concoction disguised as a majestic mash-up—to Ivan’s butter-laced, concupiscent halloumi grilled cheese, and Cheese Boats [shall we say Turkish Pide, with unctuous, bubbling yolks] the size of mini-humans, it was a focused dissertation in Levantine cookery, a masterclass in Middle Eastern hospitality, and two long nights of nostalgic longing—pure romantic revelry.

Just like all Curatorialist events, Levantine Lullaby was made possible thanks to the collective toil of passionate and dedicated bon vivants who work in the food and creative industries. Our heartfelt thanks goes to helmers Haitham El-Khatib and Fiona Hepher, who delivered a seamless epicurean feast worthy of any paean. We also acknowledge the brains & brawn of Aleph Eatery‘s [cool as a cucumber] incumbent staff, comprised of Ivan Truong, Alex Durrant, Paul Takayesu as well as the magical musicians who serenaded our guests, and made Levantine Lullaby live up to its name—Farooq Al-Sajee and singer/songwriter Shadi Toloui-Wallace.

East became Feast, sistren and brethren, and we’ll continue to gild the lily to satisfy your hungry minds. Tune in for our next pop-up food phenomenon in August.

Haitham’s Hummus, laced with golden red paprika.

Fiona, Alex & Linda talk cocktails during prep.

Haitham’s Fetteh & Fesenjan.

Shadi & Her Guitar.

Dough Work.

Turkish Pide, with Sumac.


Fiona’s Jerusalem Cocktail, with Arak & Grapefruit.

Ivan & Haitham.

A Falafel’s Olive Oil Bath.

Master of the Oud, Musician Farooj Al-Sajee.

Haitham’s Double-dressed Falafel Caesar Salad, with Lemon Aleppo Dressing.

Singer/Songwriter Shadi Toloui-Wallace.

Haitham “Tibo” El-Khatib.

The Dumpling King, Matt Murtagh-Wu.

Flambéed Enoki & Oyster Mushrooms with Schwarma Spices.


Osyter & Enoki Mushroom Schwarma.

Paul approves the Fesenjan.

Ivan’s Halloumi Grilled Cheese, in all its glory [butter].

Light in his eyes, helmer Haitham.

Turmeric Elixir, with thyme.


Haitham & Fiona, helmers of Aleph Middle Eastern Eatery.

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