• Announcing Food Stories—A Cookbook For A Cause


    Since our inception in 2017, we’ve daydreamed of manifesting our efforts in print. And rather serendipitously, that dream, has now come to fruition. As The Curatorialist and Food For All Publishing, we are delighted to announce our upcoming, inaugural publication, Food Stories—A Cookbook for A Cause. Imbued with a journalistic ethos, and brandishing a magazine aesthetic, the first edition of Food Stories is a hybrid, compilation cookbook that monographs the food-provenance of 20 remarkable chefs working in British Columbia today. Their most private, poignant memories have manifested as heartfelt, nourishing recipes meant to be shared together—conjuring a homegrown chronicle where all’s laid bare. And the kicker—100% of all profits from Food Stories will be donated to A Better Life Foundation‘s meritorious meal program.

    FOOD from the heart, A story on a plate

    Charlotte Langley’s Russell Burger honours a childhood hero—her loving grandfather. Chef Matty Kane’s (reimagined) Cod & Potatoes—a Newfoundland staple—evokes a life of hardship. Chef Lisa Ahier’s Chicken for Days and Cornbread are hearty family recipes that provided everyday nourishment growing up in the American South. As for chef Eva Chin, Brown Bread evinces the endless love she harbours for her warmhearted wife. In Food Stories, chefs have relinquished their hearts onto the plate. Every bite is a memory. Everything, is personal


    Curated, authored & photographed by The Curatorialist helmer Hakan Burcuoğlu, designed by FEVKALADEEmre Parlak & Deniz Cem Önduygu, and published by Food For All Publishing, Food Stories is a labour of love that promises to deliver a brand of singularity absent in food literature today. The chefs featured in Food Stories have been interviewed in the privacy of their own homes, and candidly photographed during their everyday routine over four months—all coalescing into a seamless design that boasts poignant story, sentient imagery and eclectic recipes.

    who are the chefs of food stories?

    All Smiles…

    The 120+ photographs that make up the chapters of Food Stories have all been captured with Burcuoğlu’s LEICA.

    book launch events | june 2019

    Stay tuned for information on the Food Stories book launch tour in Vancouver and Tofino.