HardBoiled delivers breakfast blasphemy

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That’s a wrap on HardBoiled—a [blasphemous] breakfast-for-dinner event that delivered an electrifying smorgasbord of Mediterranean-inspired breakfast dishes to 80+ patrons, over two nights, at East Vancouver’s beloved diner, Red Wagon Café. The whimsical birth-child of Vancouver’s singular breakfast titans Deniz Tarakcioglu and Brad Miller, HardBoiled patrons revelled in all things breakfast, from Chef Deniz’ eggs & dumplings [a spin on the Turkish sensation, Çilbir] to Chef Miller’s fluffy pancakes canvassed in berry compote, oozing with flambéed butter.

HardBoiled featured two different crews of chefs and front-of-house staff [Claire Livia Lassam, Greg Dilabio, Elmark Andres, Liz, Kareem Amadou, Thiago Alves, Michelle Kelm, Matt Murtagh-Wu & Eric Krawczy] alongside helmers Tarakcioglu and Miller, delivering patrons food-induced coma with multiple climaxes—a matrimony of hedonism and gluttony analogous to an orgy of Roman provenance. Salacious analogies aside, we’ll continue to gild the lily, and satisfy hungry minds. Tune in for the next pop-up food phenomenon in March.

Fried halloumi, garlic-infused olive oil.

Elmark, Chef Miller, Liz, Chef Deniz.

Chef Miller’s Pancakes.

Design Curator Linda Gallo and Claire Livia Lassam of Livia Sweets.

Mint butter, rose gelée, orange confit.

HardBoiled Patrons.

Eggs & Dumplings.


Chef Deniz’ house-cured soft pastrami.

Chefs Miller, Tarakcioglu and Dilabio.

Final touches on Chef Deniz’ Eggs & Dumplings.

Greg, Matt, Brad.

Pucking Fancakes.

Chef Deniz opens HardBoiled.

Claire’s brioche.

Brad, Liz.

Pie of Sariyer.

Torching candles for the Birthday Boy.

Chef Deniz at the pass.

Gravlax with pickled lemons and capers.

The Red Wagon Café

Levantine Egg Bake with Chorizo.

Chef Deniz fishing for dumplings.

The Red Wagon.


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