• Hard-Boiled Pop-Up Tickets on Sale

    Presented by indie gastronomy & lifestyle platform theCuratorialistHard-Boiled is Vancouver’s first ever pop-up food phenomenon to serve breakfast for dinner. And not just any breakfast.

    Featuring a menu that lionizes the [salaciously] savoury, sun-kissed breakfast bounties of the Mediterranean, along with the hearty, indulgent—yet refined—classics from the quintessential greasy spoon, Hard-Boiled is the whimsical birth-child of Chefs Deniz Tarakcioglu [Café Medina] and Brad Miller [Red Wagon Café & Bistro Wagon Rouge]—the singular titans of breakfast in our beloved city.

    So be a champion, and break your fast with us at this convivial soirée—who knows, it may just be the best reverse dinner you’ll ever have.

    Eventbrite - Hard-Boiled. | Breakfast Provisions for the Discerning Diner

    Eventbrite - Hard-Boiled. | Breakfast Provisions for the Discerning Diner

  • Soul Kitchen Surrender

    Menu | Chef Deniz Tarakçıoğlu · Curators | Hakan Burcuoğlu & Linda Gallo · Venue | Café Medina · Gear | Leica

    Our second pop-up food phenomenon Soul Kitchen! took place at Vancouver’s renowned restaurant Café Medina.  Inquisitive guests had plenty of chances to stuff a myriad of tapas, freshly baked bread, plant-based goodness as well as a fragrant paella [à la minute, and the size of a little human] down their gobs. A mystifying Mediterranean medley has induced critical cri de cœur—was this really too much of a good thing? Winter’s looking up, is all we’ll say. Satisfaction guaranteed, or your instagram likes back.
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  • Channeling Port Cities, Soul Kitchen!

    Channeling the esoteric bounties of quintessential Mediterranean port cities—from Valencia to Istanbul, to Tangier—SoulKitchen! is a one-night pop-up food phenomenon that aims to manifest the joyful spirit of the Mediterranean in all things food. Drawing inspiration from the gastronomical interplay between select regions in the Mediterranean, SoulKitchen! features a tantalizing menu focused on seasonality and the sourcing of local, premium-grade produce designed to appease pescatarians and plant aficionados alike.

    Brought to you by the Curatorialist. and helmed by Chef Deniz Tarakcioglu [Café Medina] alongside the very professionals running Vancouver’s top kitchens and bars, [Chambar, The Dirty Apron, Bao Bei] this intimate evening promises to constitute an ode to the spirit of the Mediterranean. So come inquisitive, and come hungry.

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  • The Curatorialist is born with ContraKitchen!


    Our inaugural pop-up food phenomenon—ContraKitchen!—took place on Monday, August 28th at Vancouver’s Pacific Restaurant Supply. We fed hungry stomachs—and minds—with an esoteric menu inspired by the bounties of Asia Minor [Turkey]. Organized by the very professionals running Vancouver’s top kitchens and bars, [Café Medina, Chambar, The Dirty Apron, Bao Bei] the special evening delivered an atmosphere of a boisterous [yet infamous] kitchen staff party in a playful setting.

    At theCuratorialist., we cultivate memorable experiences aimed at galvanizing artistic communities and foodies alike. For more pictures from ContraKitchen!, you may visit our Facebook page. And for an enticing review of our inaugural pop-up dinner, click here.